Brighton Beer Blog spent a privileged afternoon with Miles Jenner, Head Brewer and MD at Harvey’s Brewery. Meeting on a Saturday afternoon, the brewery was closed but not still. Living next to the brewery means that, even on a weekend, Miles can be buzzing around the large old brewery by himself, overseeing various live brews.

We found a few minutes to sit in Miles’ office to talk on a few subjects. The sunlight streaming through the office window showed up the dust and glinted off cobwebs in parts of the room. Not only did that play into the comforting sense of history and time in this place, but suggested to me that Miles is an active man, a practical man, and not a person who sits very still for very long, particularly in an office.

In our interview: we learn more about the man himself, who has been the figurehead for Harvey’s through the ups and downs of the last 40 years;  we find out some of the history and traditions of the brewery;  and we find out how Harvey’s is adapting to current and future challenges.

We get to know Miles Jenner, MD and Head Brewer of Harvey’s    [6:16]

Brighton Beer Blog chat to Miles Jenner, the key recognisable figure behind Harvey’s beer for almost 40 years.
We find out what it means to be Head Brewer at Harvey’s, Sussex’s oldest surviving brewery, what his responsibilities are, favourite beer and memorable moments.

Harvey’s Brewery history and tradition  [6:50]

Miles Jenner, Head Brewer and joint MD of Harvey’s Brewery takes us through lots of Harvey’s brewery history and explain the traditional brewing techniques used at Harvey’s. We learn about some of the oldest equipment and the story of their beer’s discernible yeast strain.