Who is Pete Brown Beer Writer? 

Since Pete Brown published his first book, Man Walks Into A Pub, 20 years ago in 2003, he has arguably become the most recognised faces in the UK beer industry. Though as he tells us in the interview below, this was never the plan.

Pete’s books have looked at the world of beer and pubs through both the macro and the micro lens. He has provided readers a world tour of beer culture, as well as obsessing over a single pub. He has written about history, science and you might even say adventure. For some (okay me) he has lived their dream, and for many, he has merely helped expand their beer world beyond their usual lager in their local.

pete brown and david elphick imbibe

I was so chuffed to finally meet Pete in person at Imbibe Live 2023 and fire some questions at this revered industry beer writer.
For more information on Pete and his back catalogue of publications see his website petebrown.net

Pete Brown answers some quick-fire questions  [3:13]

We talk to Pete Brown about pubs   [2:46]

How the Working Men’s Club Shaped Britain   [8:43]