What’s that coming over the hill…

On Wednesday 30th October UnBarred Brewery​ release the beast again, a 9.4% ABV Imperial Stout named Stoutzilla. We caught up with Jordan Mower, Head Brewer, to tell us about the evolved recipe for 2019.

“The original concept was to make something extra indulgent for those winter months. This year we have done the following:
– Built the base up with dark malts, cocoa nibs, oats and barley.
– Through fermentation we steeped oak barrel chips in bourbon
– Cold steeped coffee with vanilla
– and used an English yeast this year for even more character

Punching in at 9.4% this is surprisingly an average ABV strength Imperial Stout, with many festivals showcasing brews at 12% and above.

The monster mural you might have spotted on the side of the brewery is Stouzilla itself. Jordan tells us, “I’m lucky enough to have Paul Jackson as a close friend, who used to live in Brighton and is now a world renowned illustrator/artist based Toronto. I gave him the concept of the beer and Stoutzilla was born.”

If you come to the launch tonight expect some special treats, or you can join the UnBarred brewery team for ‘Meet The Brewer’ nights any Wednesday evening at their brewery / tap-bar on Elder Place, near Preston Circus.

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