As close as you can get to the sea with a freshly poured craft pint, without getting wet

⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫ Marwood Brighton

Gone but not forgotten. We’ll leave this page here as an archive for one Brighton’s lost gems…

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Sea Lanes
299 Madeira Drive

07732 094397

Bison Beach Bar Brighton

Combining great keg beer and island beach shack vibes with a view of the sea

Given Brighton’s penchant for hedonism and proximity to the water it’s surprising that it’s taken so long for someone to come up with a formula for bringing Bali to Brighton beach.

In truth there’s no sand and the beach shack is a disguised shipping container, but you really do feel like effort has been made to make you feel like your on holiday somewhere tropical.

The seating options are plentiful; warehouse recycled tables, benches, deck chairs and even a rowing boat are scattered left and right of the bar. You can sit in an astroturfed section, on the beach just beyond the bar or climb the stairs for an elevated view of proceedings.

There’s no cask but on taps there are a combination of Bison brand beers such as their Sea Side APA (brewed by Arundel Brewery for Bison) as well as guest rotations of your favourites, on our visit that included something by Northern Monk and the excellent Pilsner by Firebird.

It’s all encompassing as dogs, children and babies are welcome and with some smooth music in the background the place has a very relaxing air to it.

It’s yet another excellent addition to Kemptown’s strong craft pub collection and Bison Beach Bar in Brighton is as close as you can get to the sea with a freshly poured pint of craft beer without getting wet.