This place hides in plain site in the centre of town, yet feels mysteriously calm like a cosy village pub

16 Lower Market Street

01273 733513

Bottom’s Rest Hove

Hiding in a quiet side street is one of Hove’s hidden gems


There’s a certain magic to the way Bottom’s Rest stays hidden in plain site in a calm and quiet corner of Brunswick Town, while being located just metres from the busy Western Road. Perhaps the pub’s name, a reference to the mystical Shakespearian play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, is apt.

In amongst the Regency houses, the alfresco table setup on both sides of the street give you a great vantage point to watch the world go by.
Inside, the square wooden bar greets you head-on as soon as you enter with seating left and right, and while the floor-plan is small it feels big enough that it could cater for large groups. To the right a long bench seat hugs the perimeter while tables and chairs fill the floor space. When quiet it feels like a peaceful, contemplative space, but you can easily imagine the cosy, cramped warmth and friendliness of a pub like this when the fire is crackling on a cold December eve.

Options were pretty sparse on the bar last time we visited; only one cask option available out of three pumps, and only the non-local, mass-market offerings of Maltsmiths IPA and Beavertown Neckoil available for craft keg seekers, suggesting the pub are tied into Heineken. Pravha and Birra Moretti are the lager options and Guinness and Orchard Thieves round things off on the taps.
It would be good to see those additional pumps hooked up to some local and national variety, because if cask ale is the pubs only outlet for beer creativity on the bar, the options need to be a draw and a source of differentiation.

The pub re-opened their kitchen late summer 2021 and offer a food menu from Tuesday to Sunday, with Sunday bringing the all important roast options.

Bottom’s Rest Hove is a pub offering lots of charm alongside that feeling you’ve just discovered one of Brighton and Hove’s little secrets. When coupled with genuinely welcoming staff it really is a quality hidden gem.