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An independent guide for pubs in Brighton and Hove

Breweries in Brighton and Sussex

Brighton and the surrounding Sussex area has become home to a rich landscape of breweries, both classic and modern. As many as you try, it feels like there’s always more to discover…

As we explore the product ranges of breweries in Brighton and Sussex we’ll update this list for your perusal, providing quick links to their pages, a bit of background and our take on each such as the nature of their range and brewing style

Arundel Brewery

Arundel’s family team are confidently bringing the castle brand into a modern era

The Beak Brewery

The nomadic Beak Brewery has made it’s nest in Lewes where it crafts very popular modern ales

Bedlam Brewery

An environmentally aware brewery with loads of ambition and a varied range

Bestens Brewery

A small brewery giving goodness back, both to the community and to fans of modern pales

Brighton Bier

An innovative craft brewer that maintains a firm foot in the traditional camp


Four friends on a brazen mission to brew whatever the hell they feel like

Gun Brewery

Brewing clean-tasting sessionable beers, with honest flavour, in an environmentally mindful way

Hand Brew Co

Producing with passion from a 4 storey brewery crammed into an old pub

Laine Brew Co

Their varied and vibrant range are abundant in pubs across Brighton

UnBarred Brewery

In-your-face, un-subtle, modern keg beers with a bold and hoppy flavour hit