A smart, modern bar and the flagship outlet for Brighton Bier's excellent creations

161 Edward Street

01273 686386

Brighton Bierhaus

Custom built by a modern brewer to enjoy great beer in

The clean, bright and modern beer heaven of Brighton BierHaus lies behind the dark painted facade of a 200 year old building. The space is long but not that deep and the small, intimate tables at each end create a sharing environment and interaction with others.

At the door you are greeted by a wide and tempting bar with 6 pumps and 14 taps offering many guest options as well as a couple of ciders, but principally Brighton Bier‘s locally produced eclectic range.

Also you wont realise it, but beneath your feet is a sophisticated cellar system that keeps beers at their perfect temperature and ensures there is as short a distance between keg/cask and bar as possible. All of which should deliver your beer the freshest it can ever be outside of the brewery.

The bar staff are very happy to talk you through the options and tasters and if you get peckish there are great value german frankfurters available, the same hot dog supplier as the German Embassy in London, wunderbar.

The event calendar at Brighton Bierhaus includes a mixture of TV sport, beery tasting events and other seasonal excuses to simply turn up and have fun.

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Brighton Bier

Brighton Bier

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