A tranquil place to fill your face

9 Rock Street

01273 696135

Busby & Wilds, or B&W is a neighbourhood gastro-pub which pays homage to the architects, Charles Busby and Amon Wilds, who are responsible for the look of much of Regency Brighton. Run by a couple with a vision for a neighbourhood eatery, the reputation of this pub is well established, yet it still feels like a bit of a secret as well.



The pub is 2 spacious rooms, bright and airy with plenty of room between tables. The modern bar sits at the back wall, connecting the rooms. Décor wise it’s fairly statement-less: soft grey tones, modern touches such as the filament bulbs hanging above the bar, juxtaposed by an old set of weighing scales on a sideboard. The massive rolling stones poster adds a touch of personal character and modern culture.

On the whole it’s wooden furnished, though in the second room a leather bench seat runs the length of the room and then curls cosily around a table creating a booth. Children of all ages and dogs are very welcome.



It’s fantastic to see that the beer menu is arguably as good as the food menu, with Gun Brewery and Hand Brew co pales on the taps, plus Blue Moon, Leffe and Camden Hells for more continental styles. A chalk board points to even more options in the fridges from near (Big Hug & Lost Pier) and far (Japan, Iceland and Belgium represented).


This pub has fully earned it’s gastro reputation and the many reverent reviews online. Unsurprising given that one of the owners, Emily Ashley, learned their chefing at John Torode’s restaurant Smiths of Smithfield.

The food menu is pub-grub focussed: steak, fish, halloumi, burgers, pasta, various amazing sounding small plates and chips the size of small branches. It’s all done very, very well and even the garnishes show plenty of effort and style. A massive chalk board in the second room maps the local region with little images depicting where menu ingredients originate.  The owners pride themselves on locally sourcing ingredients which support stand-out producers, as well as keeping down their carbon footprint.

The fish and chips I had here was stand-out and I fell in love with the halloumi fries, my wife and I still talk about them to this day. On Thursday’s B&W run a £10 pound burger menu with loads of options. If you’re thinking of a Sunday roast here, the reputation is such you will want to book your table well in advance, or risk walk-in rejection.



Busby and Wilds Kemptown is not your typical Brighton pub, and it feels a little clinical to be your local boozer. But that decluttered canvas is the perfect airy place to enjoy wonderful food alongside brilliant craft beer. BBB will absolutely be coming back.