A spacious, warm and relaxing place to spend time, and the burger menu offers the chance to eat sin-free

Fountain Head Brighton

Sin-free burgers can be eaten in comfort at this Laine Pub Co. establishment


Fountain Head Brighton has a way of drawing you in, because it looks as cosy and relaxing as it is, so if you’re walking past and happen to look in through through the big windows, don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting to stop and losing some hours.

It’s a spacious open plan pub with wooden floors, exposed brick walls and plenty of benches and tables for different sized groups. The low ceiling, atmospheric lighting, simple splashes of colour and a fireplace burning at one end give a lovely comforting warmth to the place. Some cooky ornaments and features, such as a giant gold buddha face and Morrocan wall lights, give some interest to what’s otherwise a really simple decor. There’s a sleepy feeling of welcome and atmosphere during the day thuogh the south facing windows allow plenty of natural light to flood in.

Over lockdown they added a sheltered booth seating section to the side elevation which looks pretty cramped, but makes a more structured outside area where there were just tables and chairs before.

Run by Laine Pub Co. the bar stocks all the Laine faves such as Source, Mangolicious and Ripper, plus some guests, I also spotted that they stock Rosie’s Pig flavoured cider on cask, nice to see that somewhere is pushing trad farmhouse cider in Brighton, because it’s certainly scarce.

Halo Burger offer a Beyond Meat, American diner style, plant based  burger and fries menu. It’s still junk food, but it’s junk food at it’s least sinful.
I’d say it’s pretty much a perfect substitute for a beef burger, other than the texture isn’t quite a match. But, with the prices starting at almost £10 just for the burger, it’s quite a a pricey option for lunch.

The staff at the Fountain Head Brighton were perfectly friendly and accomodating considering I visited with both a dog and baby in tow.