58 Southover Street

01273 601 419

Haus On The Hill Brighton

A classic but contemporary 2 storey pub run by Brighton Bier

Upon entering this wide and wood clad space you immediately meet the bar with it’s huge array of options that fill the full width of the bar and continue around the corners, so we’ll start there.

Being a Brighton Bier run establishment there’s an excellent array of 5 cask ales and, for a tucked away local, a jaw dropping 15+ taps. Much of these are produced not far away at the marina by the Brighton based brewer, but there’s plenty of other great local options as well as a Bavarian guest named Rothaus, a small brewery in Southern Germany that Brighton Bier love so much they’ve installed their big branded tap serving their Pilsner and Wiess beers.

The decor is unfussy and warm touches of modern colour to keep things contemporary, but enough retained classic pub charm.  If you don’t want to mingle around the bar then to it’s right there is a side room and elevated seating space that feels a little bit more away from the action if you want your own corner.

Through the main bar there’s a rear yard with some wooden booths which provided shelter in bad weather, whereas upstairs you’ll find another decked seating area that catches the sun and a whole other bright indoor seating space as well.

With a stonkingly good beer selection, a pub as nice as this is well worth scaling any hill.