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The journey all started when Nick and Dave met for a pint in the Shakespeare’s Head in 2017. The pubs around us all seemed to be closing or changing hands, and the sands of our reliable landscape were shifting.

Something two things suddenly struck us. “Where would we go if our regulars suddenly became really crap? And there are probably pub gems we are missing out on that might one day vanish forever…”

We browsed the interweb thinking, “There must be a central source for pubs in Brighton and Hove, and what they are like.” Nope, nothing. So this task must be down to us.

A couple of pints later Brighton Beer Blog was born – not just to give us a flimsy, semi-respectable excuse to visit as many of Brighton and Hove’s pubs as possible, but to one day become a useful resource listing local pubs, bars and breweries.

We don’t believe in good and bad pubs. We believe there is a pub for every person, and a person that will appreciate every pub. It’s our mission to help unite you with yours – and perhaps help expand your options along the way.

We hope people will use the Brighton Beer Blog website to join us in celebrating Brighton and Hove’s wonderfully diverse pub scene and, whether a local or just visiting, feel empowered by the knowledge on our pages to “Drink Somewhere New”.