I got lost in the burbs and still found craft beer

298 Ditchling Road


Lost + Found ABL Brighton is a trendy little tap bar which wouldn’t be out of place in the centre of town, and yet is apparently thriving up in the burbs of Fiveways.



On a sunny day you’ll spot lots of sun-seekers on the benches outside Lost + Found Brighton. and despite the constant traffic it’s become a popular spot.

Inside, the look is contemporary and comfortable, modern wood table tops, exposed brick and vibrant colours giving an industrial chic aesthetic.

There’s a variety of furniture options with high seating on multiple tables and a banquette bench running along the right wall. For a small place theres a good amount of seating available.

There is a strong sense of connection to the art world and the walls showcase pieces by local residents who often hold launch parties here as part of their residency.

Owner Joe is almost always behind the bar, he’s friendly and chatty and the place seems to ooze his laid back personality. There’s often chillout electronica playing on the speakers and something on the TV screen to zone-out to.


The taps are dedicated to local breweries and the philosophy seems to be promoting local craft names, such as Beak, Burning Sky, Abyss, Only With Love, whilst also getting beers in from other well known UK brewers.
You’re not going to get much in depth geeky beer chat from Joe, but he stocks a good rotation across 6 taps, with pale ales being the focus.

There’s no cask but they do have a few still cider boxes from Ascension available as well.

There’s a £4.50 student drink deal in place all day every day which is great for the local student population.

The website suggests the bar is a bottle shop as well. The only fridge I saw next to the bar was pretty limited, though it does expand the options for drink in.



It’s clear that the bar aspires to be not just a tap room but a community hub. You can find quiz nights, DJs, artist launch events, book club meets, Eurovision events, local producer table top sales, live sport and more.

The socials are pretty good at promoting this in advance.



Food trucks appear outside on weekend evenings bringing an exotic variety of street food options to Fiveways: African, Mexican, Indian and more.
They are pretty good at updating the upcoming list on their website, hit the Menu button on this page for the link.



Lost + Found Brighton are offering diversity to the drinking options in Fiveways and their support for the local brewing community should be lauded.

The crowd are a more middle aged here than you might find at a tap room in town, but that probably simply reflects the general age of suburbanites, myself included these days.

Lost + Found Brighton is a boon for beery residents and anyone who finds themselves lost in the burbs.