A student friendly pub with great garden and lots of cask options.

100 Upper Lewes Road

01273 681671

Martha Gunn Brighton

A student pub, with lots of cask options… yeah really!

This off the beaten track student favourite takes it’s name from the famous Brighton resident and dipper, who became somewhat of a local legend for simply operating one of Brighton’s many bathing booths in the 18th century.

The Martha Gunn Brighton pub itself doesn’t date back as far as it’s namesake and while there are elements of a traditional pub around, the vibe is pretty modern, with a highly polished wooden bar, trendy lighting and a bright red pool table in an alcove.

For a student pub the drinks options veer suprisingly towards the old-school, with 4 cask pumps, yet only one tap dedicated to something that’s not from a global lager brand, on last visit Gun Brewery‘s Spin Drift IPA.

The garden is pleasant and spacious with benches spread out from one another. There are heated booths on the top decked area and even a childs play area in the bottom corner.

There’s a semi-operational piano (we checked) and the pub run a host of music nights, comedy and quizes to entertain students and locals alike. When the student’s aren’t all here throughout the summer Martha Gunn Brighton is a really relaxed pub to be in.