A neat, classic and inviting pub that caters well for families and diners

88 Havelock Road

01273 330517

Preston Park Tavern Brighton

A charming, bright and spacious pub with some decent beer options

The Preston Park Tavern Brighton has been modernised but retains some classic charm in the wood-themed decor, such as big thick wooden tables, cushioned benches and booths, and a combination of carpeted and wooden floors. There’s room enough for lots of groups to spread out comfortably.

There’s a good variety of beer on the bar outside of your typical brands. However, as is known with Indigo pubs, the prices seem high for a pub that’s not in the centre of town.

There’s a burger and mains menu, and at the rear of the large room there’s a section that seems a little more formally set out for diners.

Venture beyond that into the garden which is a wood cabin type affair, with heat lamp lit booths and benches making it a year-round space.

The Preston Park Tavern is very dog friendly, as we found out when a bowl of water was politely provided for our pup by a charming barlady.