Seven Stars Brighton is a vast pub with standard drink options and stands out for it's snazzy period décor

27 Ship Street

01273 720 689

Seven Stars Brighton


Surround yourself with oodles of snazzy period charm

In the latest refurbishment, the Indigo pub chain have worked with the period features of the building and the result is a brooding, dusky, art-deco space with touches of flare that incorporates eye catching fanned mirror walls, snazzy and sumptuous wallpaper, frilled lighting, velvety bench seating and an almost tropical, Victorian conservatory styled space at the back.

The pub is vast and seating room is ample, coming in various heights and types, zoned into 3 different sections by wallpapers and furniture changes. These cater for all group sizes while the little tables lend themselves to intimate couples date scenarios.

The central bar is well stocked for keg ale and lager options though they are noticeably mass market names on the whole with Unbarred making up the token local brewer option. I’m quite surprised that cocktails are not more of an emphasis given the art deco and gin bar type feel of the place, but I couldn’t see cocktails or gins being pushed on any signs around the bar.

The menu is quite snacky, offering things such as sandwiches, burgers, wings as well as lots of Vegan options that are fairly priced.

We get the feeling that like much of the city-centre pubs, Seven Stars Brighton is more orientated to the weekend visitor than a local crowd.