This corner pub is a pokey but loveable gem with a unique bangers and mash menu

1 Chatham Place

01273 329444

Shakespeare’s Head Brighton

Bangers and mash with a good cask and keg collection

Space is at a premium at the Shakespeare’s Head in Brighton, yet in either of the two dimly lit wooden rooms this makes for a really cosy atmosphere at all times, and at busy times it’s the kind of vibrant hubbub that always makes you feel welcome and at home.

There’s eclectic art, old signage and other photography on the walls – it’s all a bit random but it really doesn’t seem to matter. With a fireplace for the cold winter months and a pleasant front decked area that catches summer sun, this is a community venue that’s popular with all ages.

The bar serves the front and back rooms, and the staff are genuinely lovely. The range is great for a little pub and they support their local brewers on cask and keg with some interesting cans as well. Laine Pub Co. run the place, so of course their Laine Brew Co. keg beers are usually on the taps, but they rotate other great national pales regularly such as Island Records and Two Tribes.

The trump card at Shakespeare’s Head is the legendary sausage and mash menu. You can customise your grub any number of ways – 15 different sausages, 10 types of mash and 8 mouthwatering gravies give you approximately (if our maths is correct) 1,200 different combinations to try! There are even veggie combos. The Sunday roast comes well recommended too.

Affectionately known as Shakies, when you visit Shakespeare’s Head Brighton you’ll see why there is so much affection for this pub.

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Laine Brew Co

Laine Brew Co

Their varied and vibrant range are abundant in their pubs across Brighton Brewery Page

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