This modest community pub has charmed the locals with incredible food, cocktails and a personal touch

32 Argyle Road

01273 101438

The Argyle Arms Brighton hides in the shadow of the viaduct off London Road. It’s backstreet location is as much a blessing as a curse as it means the thousands of people who pass daily don’t even notice this little gem and all the charm it has to offer.



Before you enter you’ll notice the many benches out front. These are a really popular spot, and if you pass on a sunny day, more often than not, there will be a mass of people relaxing, chatting and taking in the the afternoon sunshine.

The main bar room is a decent sized front room with the bar to the left. The fireplace to the right has been made into a feature with 2 sofas arranged around it cosily. A scattering of low tables and stools offer more seating as well as some high seating by the bar.

The back room is a larger main space with lots of low seated tables and chairs, some of which are long enough to get a group of 6 or more round. The bar continues through into this room so that there are 2 bar areas to be served from.

The decoration is modest. There’s a scattering of art and interest pieces, but on the whole it has been left clean and simple, giving the space an uncluttered, relaxed and fresh feel.

Don’t be surprised to find the landlords’ massive black puppy milling around making friends. it should therefore go without saying that this a very dog friendly pub.


The food options at The Argyle Arms Brighton have changed a lot in the time the current landlord couple have been at the helm. What has been consistent though is the outstanding quality and excellent value for money. Juliette and Nick previously ran a catering business and they don’t compromise on ingredients, always buy local whenever they can and yet somehow keep meals affordable for punters.

They also do all the cooking themselves and therefore availability has been focussed on the busiest evenings and weekends, it could be worth contacting before you arrive to make sure the kitchen is running. Click the Menu button for the current pub Menu.



The pub is tied to mass market supplier Heineken and therefore you wont find much in the way of artisan craft beer here. That said they do make an effort not to keep things interesting. Vocation’s Pale is often on keg alongside Beavertown options. They also recently replaced Kronenbourg with Spanish option Cruzcampo, I think this shows taste. Guinness, Amstel and Birra Moretti is available and you can almost always find Harvey’s Best Bitter on cask.

There is a great menu of cocktails and Monday-Thursday they do happy-hour discounts before 6.30pm.  This makes an Aperol Spritz or Negroni only £6.50. If you’re a student these discounts continue throughout the weekend. I’m informed that they only offer very good wine options as well.



When they took over the owners excavated a long forgotten yard in the back, and while you can’t get to the space through the pub, a short walk round the outside and you enter a little courtyard space. It’s colourful and kitted out with little speakers playing a mix of pop, soul and indie at decent volume. It’s a great little secluded spot.



I think what makes the Argyle Arms Brighton so appealing is how hard-working, uncompromising and likeable the couple behind the bar are. The food is incredible and I only wish more people knew about it so that it was as busy as it deserves to be.

This pub used to be a dive of a sports pub attracting a very select person. What it has become is a credit to the blood, sweat and no-doubt tears the owners have poured into their dream. They have completely turned this pub around and made it available and appealing to every person in the local community.