The epitome of Brighton and Hove's bohemian free spirit, with a great beer list to boot

10 Western Road

01273 770083

The Bee’s Mouth Brighton

Great beer variety in a unique magical mystery tour of a pub

The décor of The Bee’s Mouth Brighton is a mish-mash of circus side show, kitsch and the downright eccentric, and on each visit there’s a new quirky feature to discover.

The main bar is an intimate space crammed with chunky tables and booths, which lends itself to unexpected conversations and making new friends.

Progress past the bar and downstairs to a more spacious room with private booths, or descend to the bowels of the pub for a dingy cabaret event room.

Beer options include lagers, Belgian beers and some Shepherd Neame favourites. One lucky beer is served through a funky saxophone tap, and it’s just this kind of idiosyncratic, arty and cool feature that sums up the character of this place.

To top it off The Bee’s Mouth Brighton plays host to a huge variety of musical entertainment; then there’s spoken word, life drawing and more besides. If it’s bohemian enough it’s happening here.