A community focussed pub with beer variety, multiple rooms, group friendly spaces and eclectic live entertainment

1 Holland Road

01273 733984

The Brunswick Hove

A communal, independent pub and venue with a brilliant beer list


Entering the dark wooden interior of The Brunswick Hove is a very comforting feeling. Rain or shine it’s a communal pub that’s a sanctuary for settling in and relaxing with friends.

The wide bar lies in front of you beyond some high seating and left and right the booths and bench seats are usually filled with lots of lively locals and chatty groups.

You might not realise if you were just passing through but below you is a dusky cellar space for parties and music events, and above you is a large conference or private hire space that’s been recently modernised. Anyone who lives in Brighton long enough will have undoubtedly been to a birthday party or gig at The Brunswick Hove.

If that wasn’t enough then to the right beyond a retractable wall is a fantastic and understated music venue, often decked out with tables and candles, which hosts an incredible variety of live music, comedy and other regular events. The event calendar is curated by part of Brighton’s own musical furniture, Jacko Hooper so quality can be relied upon.

Top that off with a huge patio sun-trap garden space and you have a winning formula for this part of town just metres from the beach.


The beer range on the bar is exceptional with 9 craft taps and 4 pumps hosting anything from hoppy TIPAs to local Best Bitters, as well as niche stouts and sours you just don’t see elsewhere. The taps may sometimes be wallet stingingly priced, but if that’s the cost of an independent pub providing beer variety in Brighton, then many would argue it’s worth the money.


The kitchen is now run by the legendary food & beer pairing kitchen, Humble Plates. It centres around a massive 6 different burger options each about £10, posh sounding small plates plus fries and sides that range from £4-£8. Pie nights are Monday and Tuesday, Fridays you can get fish and chips for a tenner and there’s a Sunday roast offered as well.