Irish themed and a rare throwback of a classic locals' pub

24 St Martin’s Street

01273 607753

The Bugle Inn Brighton

A hidden gem of a classic locals’ pub with a subtle Irish theme

Greeting you as you enter The Bugle Inn Brighton is a big central oval bar offering a range of lagers – Stella, Becks, Kronenbourg – as well as Guinness and a couple of cask options. Be brave and sample The Bugle’s own Best, which is towards the dark, toasted and bitter spectrum.

The bar hides a second room behind it and a smaller separate back room equipped with a jukebox. So there’s plenty of space, plus a decent sized garden with a patio. It might all feel a bit dated for some tastes, but those seeking sanctuary from a city full of modern renovated bars will appreciate a rare throwback that doesn’t look much changed since the 80s.

Irish music Sundays are a regular occurrence, as is sport on the screens. Along with all the Guinness nostalgia there’s certainly a subtle Irish angle but they aren’t in your face and gimmicky about it.

This Bugle Inn may be dated and quiet, but in that lies a genuine and unique charm, a rareity in Brighton.