A chilled out Shepherd Neame pub offering lots of space, relaxation, reputable burgers and a great backyard

62 Beaconsfield Road

The Dover Castle Brighton

This chilled out Shepherd Neame pub offers lots of space and a great backyard


The Dover Castle is another of Southover Street’s many corner pubs, and this one being Shepherd Neame licensed the drinks available will include the offerings of this old and established Kentish brewery, tipples like Spitfire, Whitstable Bay and Sam Adams Boston Lager.

The floorspace here is ample and set out open-plan like a big lounge. The dark wood floor, large carpets, bright blue walls, high ceiling and big communal tables in the windows – which are nicely bathed in the sun’s rays when it deigns to make an appearance – help to make this large space feel warm, bright and relaxing and not at all pokey.

There’s a small conservatory space to the rear that offers somewhere a little different to settle into, plus a good-sized yard out the back with undercover alcoves, which is brightened up with some foliage. A decent-sized outdoor seating area is certainly not something that all the pubs on Southover Street can boast.

There’s a piano, a fireplace, and a bookcase you can browse through to pass the time. The music in the background has been very chilled on our visits and you get the feeling that this pub is a tranquil place to hang out most of the time. The landlord is beginning to bring back entertainment post COVID such as DJs, bands and live jazz, so perhaps the evenings may start to offer a bit more energy soon.

The reputable burgers by Jason Bear in the kitchen are well worth a trip, they’re great value and offer some excellent vegetarian and vegan options, offering variety to those going meat-free and not just a token option. We’ve also heard great things about the Sunday Roast.