A warm and welcoming Greene King pub, steeped in haunted history

9 Brighton Place

01273 325490

The Druid’s Head Brighton

A 16th century flint-fronted building stocking Greene King ales

The Druid’s Head in Brighton has seen it’s fair share of history. The name derives from a druid stone circle that once existed nearby, and tunnels below used to connect the pub to the coast and to the Pavilion, for some manner of important royal business no doubt.

A staircase divides the communal pub lounge space at the the front from the more restaurant-arranged seating at the back. The walls have charming and characterful decorative touches to break up the old stonework. The decor is contemporary but you still feel like you’re in a building that dates back centuries.

There’s a long gleaming brass bar along the length of the space, offering a really good selection of cask and keg options from the Greeene King portfolio and other guests.

The offer of a full classic pub menu means that The Druid’s Head Brighton boasts all manner of classic pub comfort in the heart of The Lanes.