The Evening Star Brighton is a classic, the original home for Dark Star and dedicated to beer in all it's forms

55-56 Surrey Street

01273 328931

The Evening Star Brighton

Steeped in local brewer history and offers a keg, cask, canned and bottled adventure

The warm, woody interior of The Evening Star Brighton is not unlike a welcoming log cabin, and as soon as you step inside it really does feel like you’ve found a beery retreat, that’s if you make it inside as the front benches are a mecca for drinkers soaking up the sun’s afternoon rays.

There’s a limited number of booths, stools and tables available inside as the pub have made a conscious decision to not fill the floor with tables, allowing for lots of sociable standing room on busy nights. The bare brick, woodcladding and hops hanging from every available ledge is clean, simple and unfussy which has the effect of making you feel very at ease.

The pub has a fine pedigree, being the birthplace of Dark Star Brewing, who started life in the basement in 1994. That legacy lives on in the excellent and adventurous miscellany of beers available that will suit even the most niche of tastes, but also satisfy those cravings for classic styles.
If the many cask pumps and taps aren’t enough, the fridges behind the bar are stocked with a great range of bottles and cans making the total beer list extensive. Staff and punters alike come across as passionate beer aficionados at The Evening Star Brighton.

Troll Burger vend their tasty meaty morsels from the shack outside on weekends and the smell wafting over the road is hard to resist if you’re passing.