The Greys is bold outside and in, focusing mainly on guest keg and cider options

105 Southover Street

01273 232615

The Greys Brighton

Hanover’s option for great keg and cider plus regular live music

You can’t mistake The Greys Brighton for anywhere else, with its name emblazoned, in bold capitals no less, on the outside of a purple painted building.

An impressive collection of microbrewers are supported on the taps, but notably not much cask on offer; in fact cask ale is outnumbered by four cider options. This is a bold move, as artisanal cider is a rarity in Brighton; and the pub is showing confidence and a lot of freedom in its drinks offerings.

The Greys is compact without feeling stuffy, wood clad and nicely furnished with various seating options. A log fire is stuated at one end, a snug area hides under the stairs and a couple of comfortable benches and long tables provide a communal area that caters well for larger groups.

The event calendar at The Greys Brighton is busy with a variety of live music that spans many genres, and the Sunday roasts have a good reputation.