The green tiled exterior of a bygone era suits this bedded-in boozer

75 North Road

01273 683320

The Heart and Hand Brighton

Old-fashioned simplicity is this pub’s charm

The bar space of The Heart and Hand Brighton is basic and functional, with a scattering of tables and a long bench seat opposite the bar. Not much natural light gets in – but all this adds to the throwback feel.

Outside the benches are usually full, and on weekends the place fills up with boozy banter. You never know who you might end up chatting to about what.

There are a couple of cask beers, a keg option, and your usual big-name tap brands. What it lacks in beer options, it makes up for with some interesting homemade concoctions, including Werthers Original vodka, a couple of infused gins and a Thai curry shot which the landlady is proudly making many of while we are there.

A jukebox and posters on the back wall – advertising all manner of alternative events – reinforce the idea that this place attracts all manner of clientele, and embraces all equally. That said, dogs and children are not welcome.

The Heart and Hand Brighton is also home to a local celebrity in ‘Bailey the Pub Cat’, who has an Instagram following that we mere mortals can only dream of.