There are lots of places that show sport, but the New Unity is purpose built for fans

52-53 London Road

01273 606088

The New Unity Brighton

Filling Brighton’s dedicated sports bar void

The original Unity used to exist in Hannover, and legend has it that it was renowned for bringing people together – so The New Unity pays homage to that legacy with the same ethos, to bring people together for great sporting occasions.


The New Unity Brighton is a smart looking, urban-industrial meets pub style place, with a combination of polished wood, graffitied walls and stools topped with big cushioned leather seats for comfortable spectating.

Getting a good view here is not a problem. The main bar has four large screens: three behind the bar and another on the back wall. You can also claim one of seven tables around the perimeter of the pub, each with its own mini-screen which can be tuned seperately to the main event, and thus keep an eye on 2 key matches at once.

There’s a darts board if you feel like partaking in a sport yourself, and food focused on a variety of hotdogs and other bar snacks.

Upstairs is a comfortably stylish room furnished with tables, leather chairs, a huge projection screen and a separate bar. There’s nothing quite like the spectacle of a Six Nations cup match or Champions League final on a big screen when united with 50 or so other excited fans, and this space provides just that.

This pub is run by Laine Brew Co. and mainly stocked with Laine’s keg options – only one cask pump – plus a well-stocked beer fridge and your typical handful of commercial lagers and Guinness.

Bluegrass are running the kitchen at time of writing, and they have been there for some time, serving up American BBQ favourites with all the trimmings.


To our knowledge, there just isn’t a true multi-screen, multi-sport bar in Brighton that also caters well for groups so the New Unity is stepping up to fill a big sports bar void in town.

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Laine Brew Co

Laine Brew Co

Their varied and vibrant range are abundant in Laine pubs across Brighton Brewery Page

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