Brighton's petit slice of bistro culture offering Belgian beers, wines and live music

21 Western Road

01273 724195


On the edge of Hove on a busy Western Road sits Le Pub, or is it The Paris House? A change in name over lockdown doesn’t seem to have much changed the ethos, and this corner bar offers something a little unique and exotic for Brighton. Situated in what was once a late Victorian era hotel, the architecture and art nouveau touches  fool you into thinking this was plucked straight out of a continental European city. The continental vibe continues inside.



A chequered floor, ceiling fans, classic decorative pieces, the large French flags on the ceiling, even a barman with a French accent (we guessed), all combine to maintain the illusion that you just stepped off Western Road and into a back-alley Paris bistro.

To the fore of the bar are a number of tables set out in the windows in order to catch the sun’s afternoon rays streaming in. Beyond the bar and down a step the space is clad in dark wood, and feels a bit more secluded.

There’s no garden or yarden to speak of, yet despite it’s proximity to the busy Western Road, punters fill the tables out front and bask in any sunshine that the sky deems fit to bless us with. I’ve spent many a memorable afternoon soaking up the rays and drinking through the beers here. The Paris House Brighton gives off such authentic continental alfresco vibes that even on a cold night people will brave it out here on the curb.



The bar offers some unique beer options in the form of Vedett and Affligem on tap, as well as other cask and keg offerings such as Dark Star, Harvey’s and Goose IPA among Amstel, Kronenbourg and Guinness. In bottles there is a decent Belgian bottle list; and while it’s not ale, we can’t overlook the very extensive wine list as well.


If you settle in for the long haul, you may want to take advantage of the cured meat and cheese platters, toasted sandwiches (Croque Monsieur for ‘tu et moi’), or the pâté of the week platter. The Paris House has offered this unique fayre for years and it’s still going strong.



The bistro atmosphere becomes even more genuine when it’s combined with some chilled-out live music, and looking at their website this is happening more nights than not.
Weekly there is a combination of, Monday Jazz sessions, a Tuesday open Mic, then Thursday, Saturday and Sunday all hosting specially invited live acts. Le Pub Brighton has a great reputation for it’s music focus.



When you combine all the elements above Le Pub begins to stand out as one of Brighton’s most individual bars, and a nice change from your typical high street pub.