Don't be fooled by the humble cafe exterior, it belies a trove of global beer variety

19-21 Market Street

01273 477042

The Patch Lewes

A humble cafe offering a staggering 10 rotated keg lines

The Patch Lewes hides it’s beery bounty very well. An unassuming looking place that from the outside that appears to be a pokey cafe, in an old building, on one of Lewes’ narrow side roads.

Yet step over the threshold and before your eyes is a wall of 10 tap lines and a small fridge stocked with yet more wonderful brews. The options are incredible, with local, UK wide and worldwide options collected together.

Lines are regularly rotated to keep things very exciting for beer explorers, but expect to find a combination that might include; Sussex Milk stouts, reputable pale ales, classic Belgian beers and never before heard of regional European lagers, all on one wall, all available to try before you buy. Their Facebook posts are good at keeping you updated on new arrivals.

The venue itself is simply decorated, lots of white and green painted wood and a collection of basic wooden furniture. At the front, stools and a cafe style window bar allow you to perch and peer out. Or turn left for a mish mash of booths, tables and chairs, creatively jammed into the long but narrow space. There’s a small yard out back that again seemed basic and we hope they might do more with it over time.

The Patch Lewes is humble,and a little plain, and the fairly priced beers perhaps reflect that, but looks aside, you just cannot beat this place for beer variety in Lewes!