A comfortable place to rest from the High Street and sample the cask collection

66 Preston Street

01273 323289

The Royal Sovereign Brighton

A comfortable cask beer sanctuary, just off the High Street

The Royal Sovereign Brighton has an instantly warm and inviting atmosphere, friendly staff serving, and it offers a cornucopia of cask options.

The pub is roughly split in two, with upper and lower sections around a central oval bar. The upper area is rustic, wood floored and clad, and busily decorated with a myriad of random framed images.

The lower area has smaller tables, can be a bit quieter and feels a bit cosier. There’s also a decent-sized garden out back with communal rows of solid benches and covered heated booths so that people can be communal come rain or shine.

Food options consists of a really good sounding Thai menu which switches to roasts on Sundays.

The Royal Sovereign Brighton is a really laid-back classic pub location, strategically placed between the beach and the High Street. It’s well worth a diversion from the retail crowds.