Climb the hill to one of the best pub garden views in town, and a rotating cask selection

1 Windmill Street

01273 230778

The Setting Sun Brighton

Probably the best view from a pub garden you’ll find in Brighton

A refurb in early 2019 has given The Setting Sun Brighton a new lease of life. The perky colour scheme, wood cladding, relaxed glowing filament bulbs and good use of space ensure a slick, modern but soft decor.

The bar runs along the right wall and the furniture is a mixture of high and low tables, leather bench seating, dining sections and a wine bar style perch opposite the bar. It suits both large groups and intimate drinkers.

The name is a big clue as to the main attraction, and on a sunny evening or during weekend days the garden seating is highly sought after. If you sit the other side of the French doors you can still enjoy the view in winter.

The bar seems well stocked on the beer front, with an impressive three rotated cask pumps. It’s a bit slim on the craft keg, offering only Maltsmiths and Neck Oil from Beavertown Brewery, but premium lagers and the usual suspects are available as well.

There’s a lot of variety on the menu, and though we haven’t tried the food we see people rave about it online.