The Southern Belle is a classy and cosy treasure trove of stories

3 Waterloo Street

01273 734806

The Southern Belle Brighton

If only the walls could talk

The Southern Belle in Brighton actually straddles the boundary between Brighton and Hove, and is known as one of Britain’s most haunted: the ghosts of a man and his dog are said to wander the bar area, and a young girl haunts the cellar.

There are secret tunnels below the pub where ‘pious’ patrons of the gorgeous church opposite could sneak across during all-night vigils. Oh and the pub also played host to the meeting that paved the way for the expansion of Hove to Brunswick Square.

There are a few cask pumps and plenty of lager options, but a lack of craft keg options suggest the more traditional focus of this quaint and elegant pub.

The decor at The Southern Belle Brighton is a cosy combo of painted wood panelling and soft lighting. It gives off an upmarket feel, so is a great place for a romantic meal.

There’s a small 40 capacity theatre in the rear which hosts a variety of entertainment, and there are a number of guest rooms for those who would like to stay overnight.