A rejuvenated Station Hotel combines classy fine dining with pub comfort

1 Hampstead Rd

01273 009589

The Station Hotel Brighton

Fine dining a stone’s throw from Preston Park station

The front doors of the Station Hotel Brighton open onto the central bar which is framed by a big wine rack. To the left is a function space and to the right a more restaurant-focused area with tables and chairs. The feel inside is elegant, but homely. There’s also a really decent sized boothed garden equipped with children’s toys, indicating a family-friendly angle.

Options are limited on the bar beyond the obvious lager, cider and Guinness options. The pub seem to be more focused on its extensive wine selection to complement the dining experience.

The food being devoured looked incredible. The prices are gastro and all ingredients are locally sourced – even the bread is baked in house. The Sunday roast is well recommended, though groups could be tricky to accommodate based on the table layout and limited space – we suggest booking ahead.

If you eat too much and can’t make it home, The Station Hotel can offer three en suite guesthouse rooms.