This traditional corner pub in the Brighton Lanes is the obvious spot for mid-retail refreshment or a night on the tiles

6 Duke Street

01273 326555


The eye-catching exterior of The Victory Brighton proudly features the original green Tamplin’s tiling, affectionately revered by Brightonians for it’s link to local brewing and bar history, but the pub inside is more contemporary than at first you might think. Owners Laine Pub Co have done a great job of combining tradition with modern comfort inside.



On sunny days the tables around the perimeter of The Victory Brighton are a very popular place to watch the foot-traffic pass-by, and therefore the pub is hard to miss in it’s location. Stepping in through either door you’re confronted by the long bar. It’s a narrow space with a fireplace at the far end, and it can feel a bit tight here when busy, but that also brings a certain city-centre bustle to your entrance.

To the right of the bar is a large open-plan space with a large dining table for big groups nicely lit by the window. This leads to further room up a couple of steps equipped with a long leather bench seat and more tables. This area has a comfortable, den-like feel to it and I have fond memories of meeting groups of friends tucked-away up here for an evening’s socialising.

There’s another room downstairs which is dimly lit but also gets some light from the rear yarden. There’s a combination of table options and there’s been a bit more of a decorative touch in here which softens the aesthetic and so feels like the designated dining room.

And that brings us to the backyard, which has had a much needed up-lift and been fitted-out with heated booths and some nice lighting. It’s a great use of the limited space. Upstairs the there are 2 more rooms which seem to act as an overflow area, as the downstairs definitely has the more popular spaces.


As with all Laines pubs, the Laine Brew Co keg beers are generally the focus, so there are a selection of modern pale ale and lager options. Given the traditional nature of the pub it’s good to see cask pumps on the bar providing option there as well, but it’s all quite typical and the pub isn’t a beery location if you’re looking for something interesting.
Happy Hour is run from 3-8pm Monday to Thursday and covers a selection of mainstream beers at £4-£4.50, house spirits and house wine.



The food menu here has always catered for pub-grub fans and so there’s usually a really varied selection of classics on the menu: burgers, a few different mains, lots of starters and sides, plus a roast on Sundays. On Tuesdays the burgers a 2 – 4 – 1 between 12 and 8pm.



The pub invites a live acoustic act to perform every Thursday and there’s live music on Saturdays as well. It’s not a sports pub but popular matches on terrestrial TV do get shown on screens.



Victory Brighton feels like an exciting pub with a old boozer wrapper, and it seems to work. The pub has always had a great draw for daytime passers-by, and people on a night out and therefore has a vibrant and busy feel most of the time. The pub caters well for all sorts of punters in a typical pub fashion without trying anything particularly different or unique.

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Laine Brew Co

Laine Brew Co

Their varied and vibrant range are abundant in Laine pubs across Brighton Brewery Page

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