Crouching by the i360 is this fantastic sun soaked craft bar

73 – 75 Kings Road Arches

Brighton Bier have had this little beer hole next to the i360 for a while now. Previously it was simply a takeaway spot for collecting cans for the beach as well as a show-room for beery merch, books and board games. Now though, The West Tap Brighton is a fully fledged craft beer pouring bar, and it’s in prime location for sun and sea.



The space is modern, bright and open midday-8pm. The indoor space is admittedly small, the bar is on your right and there are a few low tables and comfortable looking seats, enough for about 20 people.

Outside is where I expect the majority of punters choose sit, and it’s not surprising as this is a perfect location to soak up the sun. There are plenty of benches set-up in rows, these cater far better for groups than inside, but they are quite closely bunched together so it can get squeezey on busy days. I note that there is no shade provided outside, so on those really hot days you better pack suncream.

Like or loathe the i360, this is a great vantage point for watching the pod make it’s routine rise and fall up the pole. The much needed regeneration that has coat-tailed on the i360 project has made this stretch of the beach a modern and vibrant section to sit in.



Being a Brighton Bier establishment you can expect lots of their fine creations in can and on tap across the 6 available keg lines. Staples include their Pale Ale, Pilsner and my personal fave from them, the Freshman Vermont Pale. 

Guest beers rotate regularly, and they also have a pretty exciting fridge of options as well.​ Lucky Saint is available as a draught Low-No option and wines, spirits and pre-mix cocktails are also available from here.​


It’s obvious that this bar is here to coax in the thirsty passing crowd and in the summer this is a fantastic spot for a cool refreshing keg beer. This makes me think that the clientele are pretty transient and probably mostly tourists, or at best, irregular visitors. So it might be hard to drum up an atmosphere all year round and I hope the winters aren’t too quiet here.

On a positive note, the presence of this bar means that there are now 2 incredible beer serving establishments within a minute of each other. If you are visiting The West Tap Brighton, I can absolutely recommend The Hole in the Wall as part of the same visit.