Offering comfort, food and a beer selection to get tails wagging

1197 Preston Rd, Preston

01273 714701

The Woof Brighton sits on a site steeped in beery history, as the large Preston Brewery used to be located on South Road to the rear of the pub until the 1870s. 

As the name suggests though, The Woof are steering away from beery connotations and aiming their pub at four-legged furry punters, along with their owners, of which there are hundreds around Preston Park.


As soon as you enter, the pub atmosphere is airy and light. The colours are soft, the lighting warm, and the space feels larger than I remember from previous iterations. 

To the right of the front entrance is a long wall banquette and 2 long tables where there used to be booths, meaning big groups can now gather here. I don’t know if the skylight is a new feature or it’s just had a clean, but the space feel brighter than ever.

A well lit games area occupies the alcove space with 2 darts boards.

The bar runs along the left wall and this also looks fresh and modern with it’s polished wood top and shiny copper piping. It’s nice to see some comfortable bar seating as well.

There are a couple of large, chunky low tables in the main room, one with a sofa, and towards the back of the pub are 2 more solid benches of really good size.

Everything has a light and soft aesthetic and as furniture hasn’t been crammed in there is space to spread out into. The pub comes with it’s own resident dog who is often trotting about or curled up somewhere.

 without The pub feels all about comfort. The furniture is solid, there are cushions and throws dotted about and even blankets for when you, or your dogs, are feeling the cold.

There are a couple of basic outdoor tables on the front of the pub, not that the traffic makes this a place to relax, and there used to be a decent enough little yard out the back, however on my last visit there was no furniture and it seemed a bit forgotten about.


There’s a refreshingly different selection of beers on the taps than you normally see in Brighton.

On the lager front the pub serve their own brand, then theres Long Man’s excellent Helles, and last but not least Budvar. I say not least because this is possibly the best pint of Budvar I’ve tasted in Brighton, and if lines are kept as well as this I’ll be coming back time and again.

There’s a session IPA in a colourful tap by a brewer I don’t recognise as well as Blue Moon Witbier and Forged Stout. Forged is a very decent alternative to Guinness and the brand is spearheaded by the entrepreneurial mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor.

There’s a £5 happy hour 5-7pm Monday to Friday, though every now and then their social media makes this an all-day affair. It’s not clear what drinks are included though.

The space also doubles as a cafe serving hot drinks and opens from 9am Tuesday-Sunday for any mid-morning dog walkers.



The Woof Brighton offers a variety of small plates, sarnies, a few mains and sharing boards. I’ve never seen anyone eating when I’ve visited but it all sounds great.

Additionally there are PUP (Pop Up Pizza) nights on Wednesdays.

The Sunday Roast option is a little different to the norm in that it’s a Roast Board, think cheese board, but for Sunday Lunch. This is a cute idea if you don’t have a big appetite and you’re happy to share your roast dinner.

Personally, rather than dipping every single mouthful in the gravy, I want a deep plate so that my roast can be suitably drenched in the stuff. And I’m concerned about the unrestrained rivers of gravy streaming across the table if I pour it across my accoutrements. Maybe that’s just me…



The dog themed name is wacky and niche for sure. But community orientated pubs sometimes need something to differentiate them, and this clearly reflects the new owner’s passion without going too far.

I have always found The Woof a very relaxing place to be and the staff very friendly and I can see the pub appealing nicely to a complete cross section of people.

The new owners at The Woof Brighton have given this pub the fresh start it sorely needed. It shows what a difference good lighting makes because the pub is spacious and uplifting whilst simple and neutral.