If the end is nigh, there's more than enough fun and games here to forget your woes

60-61 London Road

01273 692311

The World’s End Brighton

A youthfully spirited pub and a fun place to see in an apocalypse or two

You wont miss the black-painted exterior  of The World’s End, complete with an angry Kraken rum octopus flailing its tentacles across the front facade.

Inside is open-plan and spacious, perfect for larger groups with canteen-style tables and chairs to right and long benches to the left. The atmosphere has a great buzz and we’ve noticed they’re not shy about turning the volume on the music.
The tables out front are popular at night and there’s a small covered decking space to the rear.

The bar has a host of craft beers lined up taproom style and rotated regularly, but there’s another side to the World’s End Brighton that adds to the fun and games.

The green booths opposite the bar are VR suites run by IPG. A choice of worlds are available to blast, shoot and fly in, all within in safe reach of a pint.

Upstairs are some more traditional arcade games and a fairground-style remote control race track. If that’s not enough, on Tuesdays Gaming Retro-bution set-up a library of retro games machines, and there’s a Monday pub quiz.

Food is provided by Wolfsmouth burger kitchen and we have been quite satisfied with them on past visits.